On Returning Home to LA

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m alone in the house, about to dive into a morning of writing. I can’t even tell you how exciting this is. For the last three months, ever since we arrived in Los Angeles, I’ve been out the door with Vera by 8:30AM, going to the playground or running errands, so that Greg can write in peace. He had a major book deadline that he met yesterday. I’m so proud of him. The guy has written two books in the last two years. How many people can say that?

But this also means that it’s my turn to have the mornings to write. Mornings are definitely my preferred time to work. My mind is clear and I’m (usually) rested and feeling fresh, so it’s been challenging to eek out writing time during Vera’s naps or in the evenings when I’m a bit fried. I’m working on my second book these days, a nonfiction book about the afterlife, and I’ve also completed half of a young adult novel. I’ll be working on both in the weeks to come and am thrilled to have whole hours to devote to them.

Vera and I returned late Sunday night from a ten day trip to Chicago where we attended two weddings and caught up with a lot of friends and family. The trip began with Kate & Tarek’s cosmopolitan Madison wedding and ended with the Anthropologie-inspired nuptials of Ashley & Mark (my web designer!). In between Veronica got her first pair of high heels, we went to the zoo, I had dinner with my lovely, lovely friend Ron, and I finally met the indomitable Max Wastler who literally charmed the pants off of Veronica and whom I wish I could hang out with every day. If anyone has any ideas for how I could convince everyone I love to move to Los Angeles, I’m all ears.

We also got a chance to hang out with the family Weisz.  Hence the following conversation that occurred that last Friday between me and Vera:

Me: Okay, so now you’re going to go to the lakehouse with Aunt Sara and Uncle Matt, and I’m going to Ashley’s wedding.

Vera: Ashley marry Mark?

Me: Yup, Ashley is going to marry Mark.

(Vera pauses in thought here.)

Me: Mommy and Daddy are married. And Grandma and Grandpa are married too. So are Aunt Sara and Uncle Matt. And now Ashley and Mark are going to get married too.

(Long, dramatic pensive look from Vera.)


Vera: Veronica marry Ezra?

Me: (Laughing) Um, sure. You could marry Ezra. You should probably ask him first though.

Vera: Mama, we go to Ezra’s house right NOW?

And that pretty much sums up the last week. Glad to be home. We move into our new house in 9 days!!





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