Apologies for my absence. One of my best friends, Lien, has been in town from LA for the last four days and we really did it up.

On Friday night we surprised Greg with tickets to an Arcade Fire / The National show. Saturday we hit up the opening of Grant Achatz's The Aviary (see my Flickr album from that night here) and drank some of the most magically complicated cocktails to ever grace my lips. Sunday was Easter, which involved an egg hunt for Vera, brunch with Ashley & Mark, a stop at George and Sara's party and then a home-cooked Easter supper.


(See all the Easter photos here.)

You would think we would have stopped there, but no. Lien is a food writer and one of my most favorite people to eat with, so on Monday we did lunch at Hot Doug's, followed by some light shopping in Wicker Park, and then Lien and I went to Girl and the Goat. Needless to say, each night involved a deep, dreamless food coma.

Today we topped it all off with a yoga class and then a trip to the airport and I wasn't at all sad to say goodbye to Lien, because I'll see her in a month when I'm LIVING in LA again.

More to come when I've recovered a bit more fully from this weekend.



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    I came across your blog for the first time exactly 4 hours ago and have been sitting on it ever since. I really don’t know what to say except keep it coming!

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