Summer Vacation


Veronica and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a twelve-day trip to Cape Cod.

I couldn't be more excited. I've been going to Cape Cod my whole life. My mother's sisters (and up until a few years ago my grandmother) all live in Harwichport. My aunt Pam lives in a old, sprawling house by the ocean that she used to run as a B&B, and that's where we'll stay for the next twelve days.

My parents were married on Cape Cod 35 years ago and Greg and I were married there two years ago. (After I typed that I had to watch the video of our first dance and it totally made me cry. That was the singular most romantic moment of my life.)

Anyway, Greg will join us for the last part of our trip to celebrate the 4th with my family. We had our 3rd date on the Cape exactly three years ago. Greg and I met for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and then he came to LA shortly after that and asked me to move to Chicago. I said yes, but only if he met me on Cape Cod for the 4th of July to meet my family. He agreed and we met at the Boston airport at 4pm on the 4th of July 2007, and it all couldn't have been more perfect.

So, that's where we'll be for the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to go to the beach every day with Veronica and to lounge around on the screened-in porch with a book. I can't wait to go for long walks and to eat fudge and to stay up late drinking bad wine with my cousins. I can't wait to fall asleep to the sea breeze coming in through the windows, and I can't wait for the rush of memories of all the time I've spent there with my own mother. 

Summer vacation!



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    Have fun! Update with pics please! And send my best to everyone.

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    Oh, Claire — what a wonderful time you will have sharing all that with your beautiful little Bug! Your parents would both be so happy to know how much you cherish those memories, and are replicating them for your own daughter now. If you chow down on any friend clams while you are there, please send a thought in my direction, OK? Oh, and if there’s lobster on the menu at some point…ditch the mere thought, and send me a plane ticket!

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    Ha…Im sure there will be lots of lobster and clams! Cant wait to get there!

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    Oh, how lovely! I’m sure you’ll have the most wonderful time. I look forward to seeing some pictures… 🙂

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    Thanks! Photos forthcoming!

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    Have a great time! Sounds fabulous from beginning to end, and your great memories add to the awesome-ness. Do let us know what winds up on your “summer reading” list!

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    Oof, wish I had a summer reading list! I dont get much reading time these days with Veronica.

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