Yesterday was one of those life maintenance days. I stayed home from work since I'll be working all weekend conducting a hospice training, and I checked off a bunch of those things that are somehow always on your list but that you never really feel like doing.

The morning started off nicely at least. I wrote for a couple of hours, working on some longer projects that I have going, and the I went to a prenatal yoga class taught by my favorite teacher. I usually go to her class on Sundays which is packed with all of us working moms, but yesterday's class was nice and roomy. After that I popped into the salon for a painful little eyebrow wax and then went practically straight from there to my doctor's office where they had me drink a sweet, yucky orange drink to test for diabetes or something. Then I had to wait an hour for them to draw blood. After that I went to the dentist for my annual teeth cleaning, which was also painful since your gums get more sensitive during pregnancy.

A day off work, but not really a day off. But all the same, it was great to get all of those things out of the way. I feel like that's what these last three months (less than that?) are all about…just getting all kinds of things done and out of the way. For a while it felt like I had months and months ahead of me, but I'm suddenly feeling the crunch of what little time there is left before the baby arrives.

Tonight Greg and I have a hot date to go to Babies "R" Us and Target to look at cribs and whatnot. And the funny thing is that I'm actually looking forward to it. I was thinking this morning about how much I've loved this time with Greg, how much I love talking with him about the baby, coming up with names, planning the nursery and talking about how our lives are going to change.

I'm really looking forward to being parents with Greg. There are very few things that we don't enjoy doing together and one of the things that I think we're best at is taking care of each other. Unlike any other relationship I've been in, I really love to do things for him — all kinds of things: cooking him nice dinners and folding his laundry, running him to the train station in the morning if it's raining hard or planning secret dates for things I know he'll really like. It's just really easy to think about him in a generous way. And I know he feels the same way about me because he's constantly doing just as many, if not more, nice things for me.

All of that makes me feel good about entering into parenthood with him. If I've learned anything from watching my friends, it's that becoming parents isn't easy and the nicer and more forgiving you can be of each other through those first months, the better off you'll be. And besides all the hard stuff, I'm excited about how fun it will be to do together, how much we'll laugh..and cry…together through this big life change.



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    ha ha, a hot date! it will be fun though. you’ve probably heard this from people, but make sure you check CPSC crib recalls before you go. exciting!

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    It’s so funny you write this now. I was remembering last night when the morning after Rainer came home my hormones were COURSING through me. Alex spilled my glass of water all over the bed while handing it to me and I near about had a nervous breakdown. Funny now, not so funny at the time. Alex was a champ because he ALWAYS is, but I thought, I oughta’ warn Claire. Try to remember those post-delivery hormones can throw you for a loop. But that all passes. I just think it’s helpful to be reminded they’re no joke. The good thing is I found myself laughing hysterically at things as much as crying at the drop of a hat. 🙂

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    I am nodding my head in agreement reading all of this blog entry. Parenthood is a fun, stressful, amazing adventure full of surprises, for us the experience has been enhanced by sharing it all together – the good and the bad. It sounds like you share much of the same love as well as friendship as Craig and I do. BTW, after 14 years I still enjoy doing the little things for my husband and he does the same for me and we have hot dates to go shopping all the time. Anything can be an adventure when you share it with the right person!

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    Wow! You really do have the hots for him if you “enjoy” doing his laundry. Our hamper right now is piled so high…you don’t even know it has a lid. I love Daniel – but not any part of doing laundry. I wonder if our mutual adversion for housework is a strength? I do know that I love you and Greg together…it’s spectacular to watch and I’ll be watching….seeing what happens to the love birds who have the baby. Hoping I can help from a distance…but also curious to see how it modifies and enhances your love affair.

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    You give Greg such a good rap at every mention. He gives every indication of being a ‘hands on’ dad and I doubt he will back off when it comes to the messy bits. That’s great, as ignoring them until they can play basketball doesn’t make for a sound relationship.
    So you are off to Babies ‘R’ Us. I commented recently that babies only need a warm tit and a dry bum and the rest was a capitalist advertsing guilt trip to get you to buy stuff your baby doesn’t need. That is true, but what I should have said was that all the plethora of baby apparatus is for your convenience, so choose it on that basis. Dont be conned by the line ‘baby needs this, and this….’.
    Lotsa love, gentle care, they dont sell and cant be bought.

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    The hot date is going to be fabulous

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