Picking Up Where I Left Off

Greg and I each had bad dreams last night, waking up more than once in the dark hours to mumble them to each other before drifting off again. I was grateful for the pale morning light and Greg’s solid warmth when I did finally arise.

We’re getting married in a matter of days. And I feel completely at peace with it. I feel ready and relieved and excited.

Everything is finally done. On Friday afternoon I found shoes for the wedding dress. On Saturday morning Greg and I went to brunch and designed and wrote the entire ceremony and vows, about which I feel really good. It’s every bit as meaningful and personal as I wanted it to be. And we chose our wedding bands this weekend as well. And they’re perfect. They’ll be ready on Wednesday night and we leave Thursday for the Cape.

My friend Stacy is staying with us this week as she finishes up the last class of her master’s program before returning to Charleston. We spent a lot of time yesterday discussing weddings. She’s getting married next summer and I’m one of her bridesmaids. I think that we came to the consensus that wedding planning is very trying and emotional no matter how big or small or soon or far your wedding is. She wrote a great post about all the things she’s cried about since planning her wedding (and included a photo of me at my engagement party with her fiancee).

And now we’re both sitting at the dining room table, swatches of sun across the hardwood floors and crumb-covered plates of toast next to each of us. I’ll head to work in a moment and then home again this afternoon to pick up wherever it is I leave off in the mornings before I spend my days immersed in hospice.

It will be interesting to pick up again where I left off before all this wedding planning. To come home after getting married next weekend and rediscover my life as it is.

Check out our latest post on She Wrote, He Wrote, and a big congratulations to my very talented future husband for winning both Editor’s Choice and Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Satire/Essay on Farmhouse Magazine.

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  • tony d
    Posted July 14, 2008 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    claire, you look AMAZING in the burgundy dress at your engagement party. hubba!
    i wish you and greg love, light, laughter, and silence. drink it in…

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