Looking Forward

It’s Monday morning, the first week of June.

This weekend Greg and I are having a big engagement party and in addition to all of our fun Chicago friends, Greg’s parents are coming in from Ohio and one of my best friends (and bridesmaids!) Lien is coming from LA. She arrives on Thursday night and I can’t wait to pick her up. The last time I saw her was the night before I left Los Angeles and we sat on the deck of my old apartment and stared wonderously into its empty rooms. That was nine months ago.

On Friday I’m going to take Lien to see the space where Greg and I are getting married and then we’re going to Trump Tower for lunch at Sixteen. They have a turkey burger that Oprah has deemed the "best in the country." Lien (already a burger aficionado) and I used to get turkey burgers at Hal’s on Abbot Kinney in Venice and when I’ve missed LA these past nine months — going to Hal’s with Lien has been top on my list of things that make my heart ache. We’ll see how Trump’s Mar-A-Lago turkey burger compares. And then on Saturday Lien and I are trying on wedding dresses!

This past weekend was nice. It will be one of our last low key weekends. From now through August we either have guests coming to stay with us or we are going out of town every weekend. Knowing that makes me appreciate every quiet night that comes my way and yesterday I spent the entire day writing. In the morning I wrote an article for Ideal Bite — I’m doing a whole summer farmer’s market series where I’m profiling either a chef or a vendor from one of Chicago’s fantastic farmer’s markets. And then I spent the majority of the day working on a huge article about green travel in Chicago. In the late afternoon I wrote up a post for She Wrote, He Wrote about going to Mayfest on Saturday in Lincoln Square.

So it’s Monday, start of the week, and I’m counting down the days until Lien arrives (4!) and obsessing over Tom Skilling’s 7 day Forecast in hopes that Saturday evening is nice enough for a sparkly deck party.



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    Until I arrive, I’m going to bed really, really early every night, so that the mornings will come sooner, and finally, in three days, me on a plane to Chicago. Hi, Greg! Hi, other Booses! Hi, Reynold!

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