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Greg and I were talking last night about how we can hardly believe that we’ve only been here two weeks. We’re so in love with our new home and new neighborhood that I think we’ve both slightly erased the memories of our former habitats.

On Friday night we went for our first run in our neighborhood and just as we got started we were stopped again…by the Governor of Illinois, wanting to introduce himself and chat with us. He lives a few doors down from us and while we knew this we hadn’t passed his house before.

But on Friday, just as we were running past his place, he was crossing the sidewalk to go inside and he stopped us to say hi and tell us about great running routes nearby. He was very nice and friendly and kept insisting that we knock on his door sometime so that he can tell us more about the neighborhood. I invited him to the housewarming party, natch.

The whole incident was kind of hilarious and Greg and I couldn’t stop laughing and shaking our heads as we ran around the rest of our neighborhood. It was a beautiful evening and everyone was out. We ran through two nearby parks, kids out playing baseball and riding bikes, moms pushing strollers and the sun setting into the skyline of trees with the branches just beginning to show buds. Life seemed a little perfect and neither of us could think of anything better than turning back onto our street at the end of the run, our cheeks flushed and our hearts thudding along merrily.

On Saturday we had our housewarming party. Greg spent the day cleaning the house and I spent most of it in the kitchen, up to my elbows in hors’ doerves (my favorite thing to do in the world). And it was a fantastic party. Over thirty of our friends came and all of them are just such interesting and wonderful people. I’m so astounded by and so grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met in Chicago in the last six months and it was really nice to share our new home with them all.

We spent most of yesterday recovering from the party and appreciating a quiet Sunday night at home. I made a homemade pizza and we watched episodes of 6 Feet Under on DVD.

And now it’s Monday afternoon. The sky is grey and overcast and snow is just beginning to fall. Spring, it seems is not quite here yet. I did a lot of annoying things today that I’d been putting off. Finishing up articles and following up on my CA car registration which seems to still be in effect. And now all the things I promised myself I would take care of are done and I can look forward to the rest of the evening.

One thing I’d been meaning to do for a while, which I finally did this afternoon, was to call the Illinois Association of Counselors and get my degree and licensure stuff figured out. I’ll be filling out some forms in the next week and taking an exam soon to become an LPC (licensed professional counselor) and then in just about a year and a half I’ll be eligible to take the LCPC exam. Once I pass that I can open my own practice which is what I really want to do.

So suddenly I have this new vision of my next couple of years. I’m planning to stay at my current job for at least two years and then I’ll phase into my own private practice. And I think that sounds like a perfect plan. I can’t wait to have my own practice but think that just under two years is the perfect amount of time at my job to get a lot of experience and to get to know Chicago’s mental health culture.

Everything is finally falling into place around here.

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  • Carroll
    Posted March 18, 2008 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Woo — your house has been officially warmed, and from the sound of that soiree, with great success. Congratulations! And kudos to your esteemed Governor for being, it would seem, a man of the people. I cannot in my wildest imaginings envision our Mr. Schwartznegger pausing to chat like that (not once, but *twice* no less!) even if we did happen to live in the same ‘hood. Gosh…being on a first-name basis with the gov…unlike NY, in your state that’s probably a good thing 🙂

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